Joyland This Month

Steinur Bell’s award-winning story How We Arrive had the distinction of being the last post to go up before Sandy hit. (And Joyland’s home office neighborhood of Greenpoint was mostly spared while we were stuck on the road touring Emily Schultz’ novel The Blondes). You may have missed Bell’s story then but it’s worth another look to see why Mary Gaitskill awarded it second place in the SLS Literary Contest.

Joyland Midwest ran an excerpt from Peter Geye’s slow burn of a novel The Lighthouse Road, now available from Unbridled Books. 

Emily Keeler posted a story by an excellent new writer from Toronto, Sabrina Ramnanan. 

Our most recent stories present a bestiary of sorts. Playwright Taylor Basso reports on what a lady bug infestation does to a young couple while Los Angeles’ Amelia Grey chases down the abject nature of swans in The Swan As Metaphor For Love. 

Matthew Timmons has taken on the duties of managing editor at Joyland Poetry and he and the other editors are doing a fantastic job of growing our newest site. Some recent posts include:  Anne Boyer’s This Journal 1973-1989; Jason Christie’s Excerpt from an Unknown Actor; and a performance video from Belgium’s Helen White. 

Also, Margaret Atwood liked co-publisher Emily Schultz’ novel The Blondes and name dropped Joyland as well.